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Sustainable Waste Management

The concept of separating waste by type should be set up in business operations just like it is in households. A business can set up a more efficient system of waste collection by providing reusable bins that do not need trash bags or emptying. A customer will simply close the lid, lock it, and set it in the waste pick up area. The waste management company will come and pick up the bins and leave clean, empty ones.


With this system, the customer will take out a bin and pick up a clean, empty one. Each bin will be marked for a separate type of waste:

1)      Paper

2)      Glass

3)      Plastic

4)      Food

5)      Electronics

6)      Batteries

7)      Bathroom Waste

8)      Hazardous Waste

9)      Biodegradable Mixed Waste

10)  Etc.


The system can be further refined to meet customers’ exact specifications. For instance, a customer can have separate bins for different types of plastics, paper, glass or other waste types.


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